Helpful Hints For Your Child’s Healthy Teeth

  1. Brush your child’s teeth two to three times daily, especially after breakfast and before bed. It is good for your child to practice brushing his/her own teeth, but important that a parent finish the job, as you can get into areas they will miss (back chewing teeth, the backs of the front teeth).
  2. Floss your child’s teeth daily. Anytime of day is fine, but flossing cleans areas of the teeth that brushing can’t reach. This is a wonderful habit to reinforce in your child. You may use traditional floss, or handled flossers, whatever works best.
  3. Schedule a dental check-up for your child by the age of three. This gives your child and the dentist the opportunity to meet each other and do some fun activities in the office. It is also advisable to have your child’s teeth cleaned and checked twice yearly. This is the easiest way to spot small cavities and fix them before they get larger, more painful and more expensive. If your child has no cavities, GREAT! It is a wonderful way to reinforce that going to the dentist can be a fun and pleasant experience for kids.
  4. Monitor your child’s eating habits. Avoid junk food and especially sugary foods like soda pop, fruit snacks, and candy. You have no idea how these foods eat away at your child’s teeth. Instead, offer healthier options like crackers and cheese, fresh fruit, water and occasionally juice (no sugar added). I cannot stress the importance that eating proper foods has on your child’s dental health!

Cavities are expensive to fix If your child can avoid getting them in the first place, everyone is happier, including the dentist!

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Lisa M. Johnson, DDS